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3 Dream Places to shoot Destination Weddings

I’ve always had a passion to shoot weddings and capture people’s love but to make it even more of a passion my dream is to shoot destination weddings some day! It’s a definitely story for each couple and why not capture their perfect day in a beautiful place outside their home. I’ve compiled my top 3 places that are my dream destinations for weddings.

3) I absolutely LOVE the thought of going to Germany for a wedding, it looks amazing and I vote my number 3 for Germany.

2) New Zealand is another beautiful place I hope to head to someday. Love the landscape and the greenery and beautiful views!

1) For my number one place is Canada! I’ve always wanted to go to Canada as well and Banff in Canada looks AMAZING! I would choose Banff for my 1st choice!

What are your favorite places that you wish to travel or go shoot weddings in? Comment below!




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